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Safe & Portable Vacuum Ear Cleaning Tool

27 reviews



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“My wife is crazy about cleaning out her ears and the kid's ears. She was able to remove a chunk of wax with this in my daughter's ear that they had been trying to get out for weeks.”
~ Ellesha A., Nueday customer

Fast adsorption of dirt inside the ear and inhaling dirt into the dirt chamber.

Cleaning ears from home has never been easier!

Using 2.5cm elastic material can protect the ear, will not hurt the eardrum, safe and reliable.

Turn the machine on; after hearing the sound of turning, slowly put it into ears horizontally with the suction head aligning with the ears.

“This method of removing earwax is great. I tried to remove the earwax, but I couldn't find the right tool to do it. This tool is great. They can be used for many years. This is necessary for everyone.”
~ Stacy F., Nueday customer

✓ Quickly absorbs dirt from the inside of the ear canal
✓ Easy to clean parts that are simple to replace
✓ Provide two soft heads, easy to clean, worry-free replacement

✓ Material: PP
✓ Size: About 13 * 2.8cm/5.12 * 1.10in
✓ Battery: 1 x AAA battery (Not Provided)

— 1 X Safe & Portable Vacuum Ear Cleaning Tool
— 2 X Soft Heads
— 1 X User Manual
— 1 X Original Box


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27 reviews

Heath F.

Verified purchase

I don't usually write reviews, but I had to do this. I was having an issue with ear wax buildup and poor hearing because of it. When this tool arrived I tried it and it fixed my issue quickly. I am completely satisfied with this product.

Kaylum R.

Verified purchase

My husband had a very very bad clog in his ear for several weeks. We tried everything!! We saw this here and.BAM!! He could hear!!! ALL the wax came out and it was super gross!! But awesome that it worked!!

Miley Y.

Verified purchase

5 stars! Easy to use!

Kenneth D.

Verified purchase

Awesome cleaning tool. My wife has a lot of wax buildup and she uses this almost daily.

Opal M.

Verified purchase

It's easy to use. Make the ears gently and simply clean. I can only recommend this.

Aedan C.

Verified purchase

I have a lot of earwax in my ears. I feel very uncomfortable every time. I saw this ear wax cleaning tool. I think I need it. I bought it and it feels good. It can be very good. Clean the ear wax in your ears, it is very safe to use. With this tool, I can use it for my family.

Lamar L.

Verified purchase

My daughter had ear wax stuck for weeks and the doctor just pointed out it's the ear wax that made her have inflammation when water trapped. I used another product but it's been almost a week but the ear wax still couldn't get out. After using this product, the problem is solved!

Garfield W.

Verified purchase

I have received the ear scoop, which looks very good in appearance, is made of good material, and is of exquisite workmanship. After a trial, it is very convenient. It's great. It's worth buying.

Ethan R.

Verified purchase

This product did exactly what it said it would do. It was easy to connect to my phone. I used it on the whole family!

Kurtis L.

Verified purchase

I had an earache and couldn't afford to see a specialist. Easy to use!!! Good quality product.

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