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Rechargeable Digital Pulse Oximeter

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“Handy little device - simple to use, great read-out! I will be visiting the Doctor tomorrow, will take this to check with the one in Doctor's office. So glad I purchased this one as opposed to the lesser expensive one.”
~ Tasnia B., Nueday customer

Some folks can't always get to the doctor's office for a simple pulse ox reading test. That's why we came up with the Rechargeable Digital Pulse Oximeter.

This amazing tool can be used from the comforts of home.

It's incredibly accurate and effortless to operate.

Our device is portable and compact. Keep it in a nightstand, purse, backpack, car, etc., for convenience.

“This device has been a real lifesaver for my mother. She has poor oxygen saturation levels and this tool helps us know when they are getting too low and when to give her supplemental oxygen.”
~ Amber B., Nueday customer

Lithium Battery +type-c Charging Interface: Safe charging during continuous use and does not require frequent battery changes.

Fourth Generation Lfc Technology: The fourth-generation design is precise and reliable.

Innovative Algorithm Ensures Oximetry Accuracy: Improve conversion accuracy during the conversion of optical signals to digital signals.

High-Speed Processing Chip: Data acquisition and processing are accurate and fast, 5-8s display value.

Ring Signal Protection: Reduce light interference from outside measurements. This means results can be incredibly accurate.

Continuous Monitoring: Use the device continuously. If the set value is exceeded, the machine will sound an alarm.

Real-time Stats: Always know pulse-ox measurements as they occur.

✓ Rechargeable lithium battery
✓ One-button measurement
✓ Health values 4 sound and light alarm

— 1 X Rechargeable Digital Pulse Oximeter
— 1 X USB Charging Cable
— 1 X Lanyard
— 1 X Storage Case
— 1 X User Manual


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26 reviews

Ewen W.

Verified purchase

Great piece of mind!! This little device has helped calm our fears about not getting enough oxygen. Two of our kids struggle with seasonal allergies and asthma. This would have saved me so many hours of worry!!!

Laurie Li

Verified purchase

I monitor my blood oxygen saturation and heart rate occasionally. This meter works well and seems accurate though I have nothing to compare it to.


Ryan C.

Verified purchase

The instrument was easy to use and functioned well from the first power-up. There was no fussy setup required. The display is clear. The instructions were thorough.

Mila G.

Verified purchase

I use this to check my pulse every day. It also gives a blood oxygen level. Works well, easy to use, and is small so no problem storing it. I'm happy with it and I don't have to go to the clinic every day.


Tasnia B.

Verified purchase

Handy little device - simple to use, great read-out! I will be visiting the Doctor tomorrow, will take this to check with the one in Doctor's office. So glad I purchased this one as opposed to the lesser expensive one.

Anita H.

Verified purchase

Very satisfied with the purchase. One button does everything - Quick, simple, easy to read. You get a solid reading, unlike some of the other devices that will give you readings that will flicker with different values. Included lanyard and the storage case are both convenient and nice touch.


Kasim P.

Verified purchase

My brother's wife (a nurse practitioner) suggested having one of these on hand during COVID. Blood oxygen level is an important stat to note. I use this regularly even when I don't feel ill just to get a sense of what my "normal" is. Very easy to use and set up.


Erika D.

Verified purchase

A must-have in the world now with covid. This monitor is easy to read but gives you all the info you need. I wouldn't have known how low my oxygen actually was unless I had this. Thankfully I was able to get on oxygen quickly at home and didn't end up in the hospital.

Jean B.

Verified purchase

The product is made very well. What is really nice is that the instructions are very well written and easy to follow.

Vernon M.

Verified purchase

I already have 1 and it helped save me as I got very sick. (not Covid.) and watched my sat drop quickly. When I went into ER I had Pneumonia and would not have lived as it was really bad. This device was accurate to the hospital and helps me know what lungs are doing.

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