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Postpartum Belly Corset

35 reviews



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“I am overjoyed by this amazing corset! It feels great and doesn't over-constrict.”
~ Yolanda G., Nueday customer

This postpartum belt has a powerful body shaping effect that can help you stay away from the swollen body and show your best to your husband and baby.

It improves abdominal relaxation, relieves postpartum uterine pressure, prevents bacterial invasion, and accelerates the discharge of madness.

Our belly belts are made of elastic fibers, prevent the net from rolling up when you sit or move.

The back 5 root cartilage help release the pressure in the back.

“After my twins were born I had some muscle separation in my abdomen. Consistently wearing the the corset helped correct this issue.”
~ Kendra W., Nueday customer

✓ Detachable Rims&Side Line/Less Oppression
✓ Professional Belly In
✓ Elaborately Select Full Combed Cotton
✓ High-Quality Materials
✓ Breathable Absorbent
✓ High-Quality Combed Cotton
✓ Double side
✓ Professional Magic Tape

✓ M: Length x width 100*30/39.4*11.8,Postpartum abdominal circumference: 60-85 /23.6-33.5,Expected birth weight: 45-65 kg,Postpartum weight: Within 55 kg
✓ L: Length x width115*30/45.3*11.8,Postpartum abdominal circumference: 70-95 /27.6-37.4,Expected birth weight: 65-80 kg,Postpartum weight: 55-70 kg
✓ XL: Length x width 130*30/51.2*11.8,Postpartum abdominal circumference: 90-130 /35.4-51.2, Expected birth weight: 80-110 kg,Postpartum weight: 70-100kg

✓ Item: Waist corset
✓ Thickness: Medium
✓ Soft Index: Soft
✓ Material & Fabric: 100%Cotton
✓ Margin Wrap Fabric: 100%

— 1 X Postpartum Belly Corset


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35 reviews

Bruno K.

Verified purchase

Amazing product to tuck your tummy in after having a baby! It is my 7th day of wear it, I can feel the difference in my tummy, it is a bit inside now... it is easy to wear! I wear it for 7-8 hours daily

Philippa T.

Verified purchase

I love how fast it got me and how amazing the material feels. I haven't had my baby yet but I will definitely be excited to use this product. I've seen so many great results. Never thought I'd be excited to use a postpartum belly belt!

Penelope P.

Verified purchase

Great buy! Snatching my waist right back to pre-pregnancy! After 1 week postpartum I put this on and my stomach was nearly flat. Now 3 weeks postpartum and while wearing this my stomach is flat! I wear it while going for walks or out in public. Highly recommend!

Samirah W.

Verified purchase

I’m glad I made this purchase very comfortable, gives me amazing back support, and love the quality, but best of all amazing for the price no need to buy an expensive one.

Nazia F.

Verified purchase

I wore it right away and what a release! It helped with the post partum back pain as well. It provides needed support and it a must-have for those who want to feel stronger after giving birth.

Marcos R.

Verified purchase

I recommend this product to every mom. It was really helpful in my wife's recovery. The quality is great and the material has enough elasticity as well. Other competing products are way more expensive.

Mari L.

Verified purchase

I bought this for some extra support after having my third baby. I didn’t start wearing it until 6 weeks postpartum, and I wish I had started earlier. It’s way more comfortable than I thought and adjusts easily. Worth the money!

Eliot B.

Verified purchase

This was recommended by my midwife after my third baby. I LOVED it especially during the first few days after giving birth. It made everything feel tight and controlled and seemed to help with the after-birth pains as well. I would highly recommend this.

Alix M.

Verified purchase

Great product for the price! I used from week 2 postpartum until week 8 most days around the house for <4 hrs daily and could noticeably see a difference in the stomach. It does ride up the stomach if you’re not standing all the time but that’s to be expected. Great quality and did its job

Tilly K.

Verified purchase

So far so good. My wife just had a baby last week and she’s worn this for 2 days now. Easy to adjust and it doesn’t look uncomfortable (at least she doesn’t look in pain or complains about being in pain while using it).

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