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Oral Sonic Electric Toothbrush

24 reviews



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“I didn't think there was much hope for my old teeth. Then I found this oral sonic toothbrush. Even my dentist is amazed by the results.”
~ Bernard J., Nueday customer

This Oral Sonic Electric Toothbrush isn't like any other toothbrush!

It contains morning and night technology! Teeth have different needs during different times of the day.

It cleanses the teeth and massages the gums.

Brush spends 2 minutes cleaning, 30 seconds whitening, and 1 minute on gum care.

“My wife and I both have one of these toothbrushes and we can't believe the difference it has made! We both smoke and drink lots of coffee. The stains and bad breath are gone!”
~ Kenny J., Nueday customer

✓ The 3 modes exhibit different strengths and pressures. The toothbrush is equipped with a 30-second reminder alert that it is time to switch to another mode.
✓ Three modes of pressure are sensitive gums, normal gums, and dental plaque
✓ Quickly and effectively cleans teeth and freshens breath. The brush cleans teeth for 2 minutes and spends 1-minute whitening for a truly, glamours smile.
✓ Cleanses teeth and massages gums. Brush spends 2 minutes cleaning, 30 seconds whitening, and 1 minute on gum care.
✓ The indicator light of red and blue will flicker every 3 months to remind to replace the brush head.

✓ Item Type: Electric Toothbrush
✓ Frequency Rating: 50Hz/60Hz
✓ Material: POM/PC/ABS/PP/DuPont Tynex
✓ IPX7 Waterproof Housing

— 1 X Electric Toothbrush Handle
— 2 X Electric Toothbrush Heads
— 1 X USB Charging Cable
— 1 X Travel Box


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24 reviews

Grace W.

Verified purchase

Purchased for my teenage son that just got his braces off. He really likes the timer setting. I believe anything that helps kids (some adults) remember to move on to another area for brushing is A+ in my book. Otherwise, he might just zombie stare and brush in the same place.

Alexander R.

Verified purchase

I have never owned an electric toothbrush. I thought just my routine brushing with just a plain brushing was enough. Sorry I didn’t buy one sooner. Firstly, I’m certain I never brushed for 2 minutes, but now with the timer, I know I am. After brushing, I feel my teeth are much cleaner, much like going to the dentist for a cleaning.

Trystan D.

Verified purchase

I needed a replacement for my old electric toothbrush that was dying. This one is a nicer model and has a slightly more slender grip and lighter overall. What was nice was the vibration on this brush - much stronger and consistent than my previous brush. Haven’t really used the different modes on this brush, but it’s been working great as my daily toothbrush. The travel case is the standard shape like my old one, useful as always, and the battery holds up well over a weekend away from the charger - possibly way longer.

Hayley B.

Verified purchase

I loved it so much, I bought a second one!

Lainey K.

Verified purchase

I LOVE this toothbrush, so much I bought my husband one. My teeth feel as clean if not cleaner than when I come from the dentist. I couldn't go back to a manual toothbrush after using this.

Arielle S.

Verified purchase

This Oral Sonic Electric Toothbrush is so much better than the one I had before. I can get enough toothpaste on the brush, it is not nearly as messy and my teeth feel like I have just walked out of the dentist's office. So clean.

Priscilla B.

Verified purchase

The toothbrush looks nice.

Dana G.

Verified purchase

A great product referred to me by my daughter.

Elora H.

Verified purchase

I love this toothbrush! I have never used any type of electric toothbrush prior to purchasing this one. My dental hygienist and my daughter-in-law both recommended this Oral Sonic Electric Toothbrush. The hygienist said it would be gentle on my gums (I had recently had periodontal surgery) but would clean my teeth better than a manual toothbrush. It would also keep me from brushing too hard on one side of my mouth. They were right! My teeth feel cleaner & it is easier to floss. The built-in timer lets me know when I've spent enough time on one-quarter of my mouth so I can change to another. It holds a charge for a long time! I've had this toothbrush for several months already and have needed to charge it only twice so far. I recommend this Oral Sonic Electric Toothbrush!

Emeli P.

Verified purchase

Best toothbrush ever! Highly recommend! I had an electric brush before this and there is a day and night difference. My dentist even said I have amazing brushing technique with how clean my teeth now are. It’s a weird feeling the first few times but then you get used to the pulsing.

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