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Mini Electric Muscle Massager

45 reviews



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“My wife uses the Mini Electric Muscle Massager on my back muscles after I get home from a long day at work. It feels great.”
~ Larry W., Nueday customer

The newest noise reduction ultra-quiet technology. You do not want to miss out on this incredible product!

It uses aero metal, only weighs 0.5kg—small body for you to carry it easily.

It adopts a floating motor, filtering the vibration generated when the machine is running.

The duplex bearing drive makes the machine run more quietly. A 38mm high-power brushless motor can explode strong power and keep silent running at the same time.

“I like to use the Mini Electric Muscle Massager after going to the gym. It soothes my tired muscles.”
~ Shawn D., Nueday customer

✓ Small size (only 14.2mm, 500g), convenient for daily use and travel. You can put it in your pocket.
✓ It adopts a 2500mAh lithium battery and supports Type-C fast charging. 10 minutes per day, you can use it consistently for 90 days, no longer worry about the power.
✓ All-metal body minimalism design made of aero metal. The weight is only 500g and easy to handhold or carry on.

✓ Material: Composite Material
✓ Weight: 500g
✓ Charge Jack: Type C
✓ Stroke: 6mm
✓ Battery: 2500mAh lithium battery
✓ Size: Small

— 1 X Mini Electric Muscle Massager


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45 reviews

Sherry W.

Verified purchase

I was hesitant to get one of these but am happy I did! It worked great on sore muscles after an intense leg day at the gym. I also like the various attachments it has and the fact that it’s rechargeable!

Frederic W.

Verified purchase

The shape and angle of the massage gun work wonderfully with back, shoulder, and neck pain. and it' helps me after all-day work stand does massage for me without going to any expensive store to do this for me. lightweight and reliable to use it

Hania E.

Verified purchase

I am impressed by the vibration on the muscles, now it became my favorite activity in front of the TV. It helped me to remove the pain in the forearm area.

Etienne F.

Verified purchase

I like this massage gun because it is small in size and it works well for my exercise. I can easily take it to the gym if I like to. So if you want something could use anywhere I would recommend this.

Zahid B.

Verified purchase

This has worked great, we were excited to use it since we both work out and get sore muscles. This helped us be less stiff and we like that it is powerful!

Saif T.

Verified purchase

I’m a dancer and this product it’s one of the best things during the days that my lags it’s tired and sour, cause of my work! I really recommend! It’s perfect, even my first therapist told me that it’s an amazing product for practice a lot of exercises.

Zion D.

Verified purchase

I’m in love with the way that massages my muscles after a workout. I have never tried one before and I have to say that I’m very impressed with this machine. The material is great, it feels smooth in the hands, very useful tool after working out. I recommend 100%

Poppy K.

Verified purchase

I bought this as I simply could not stray away from how cute it was. I love the pink on it and is simply a good size to be held at. My husband's massage gun is way larger and is too small for my hands. But this is perfect and able to suit my needs 100%

Denzel S.

Verified purchase

I've been looking for one of these for a few weeks and was so happy to find this one. It comes with a case and additional heads to massage the different areas of the body I will highly recommend this product for anyone looking to relieve aches and pains.

Emmie S.

Verified purchase

This is an amazing tool for working out pain points and relieving sore muscles. It's lightweight and has a nice-sized handle that is easy to grip. It comes with a storage case and a whole set of attachments to work on different areas. I love the pretty black color and long battery life.

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