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Miraculous Trigger Point Massage Hook

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“Wow! How did I ever survive without this massager? It works wonders on my back and shoulders. I even use it on my legs.”
~ Patricia F., Nueday customer

This simple and effective self-massager is easy to relieve ache and pain of hard knotted points on your body, breaking up the tension for even the hard-to-reach muscle areas.

It works by applying pressure to muscles, which helps to maximize the flow of oxygenated blood.

The oval balls can press the whole-body strength, and the round knob balls, like the thumb of the massager, will let you enjoy endless comfort.

“The cure for the tender knots in my neck from the back of my head to the ends of my shoulders. Best money I’ve ever spent on Nueday. Seriously. Great quality. Use it every day.”
~ Belle B., Nueday customer

✓ The lightweight material is easy to hold in different ways.
✓ Suitable for massage in waist, neck, back, hip, leg, shoulder, and foot.
✓ Applying comfortable healing pressure to tight muscles and trigger points to relieve muscle tension and ache and increase blood circulation.
✓ 10 treatment balls design fits the lever principle, which can massage the total body and adjust the strength.
✓ Detachable design can combine them into different shapes to meet your different massage needs and conveniently.

✓ Material: PA6GF
✓ Type: Trigger Point Massager
✓ For Age: 10 to 100+ Years Old
✓ Application: Body

— 1 X Massage Sticks


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20 reviews

Willie M.

Verified purchase

Lifesaver! With my arthritic shoulder, it was easy to use and hold while applying pressure to relieve pain in the knotted-up muscles. It is great to have at home after exercising. I also use it on my lower back and legs. It is a great item to have at home.


Zaine G.

Verified purchase

I purchased this as a birthday gift for my husband. After his physical therapy sessions, his therapist recommended purchasing one of these, and he'll sit on the couch and watch episodes while using this thing all afternoon! It's helped with his shoulders and back where he can't reach spots that need the pressure that this provides. We're thinking of getting one for his dad, who, once we showed it to him, it was hard to get it back he was enjoying it so much too!


Anwen M.

Verified purchase

I have chronic pain. This is the only device that I’ve found other than heat to help me. People with back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain disorders, you know who you are; you definitely need this weird-looking device. Lightweight and reaches all the places you can’t.


Shakir P.

Verified purchase

This is such an amazing product. I have a big "knot" midway down my back & it is so wonderful to be able to apply such deep, targeted pressure in just the right spot. No longer do I have to plead with my family to dig their elbows into my back, or try to roll around awkwardly on a spiky ball or piece of foam, or leave my home to pay a small fortune for a professional massage! The Miraculous Trigger Point Massage Hook is a game-changer. No cords or batteries. Easy to store. I'm so happy I got this!


Grace Shields

Verified purchase

This is the best tool I have ever used for my physical well-being! I’m in love with this Miraculous Trigger Point Massage Hook. It is so easy to use and relieves tension in my neck, back, feet, and everywhere, which I’ve suffered from for decades. It works the knots out like a massage therapist. Must order if you have any muscle pain or tension!!!

Zain P.

Verified purchase

Where has this gadget been my whole life? Wow, just Wow!!!!!

Carmen M.

Verified purchase

I got a spasm in my back and we used this in my physical therapy office. I came home and immediately purchased this. I used it for about 15 minutes a day for three months and it just provided the best relief. I still have it and use it constantly after a long hard day at work, and my shoulders are tight, or after a workout, and my calves are tight. It really helps loosen different body parts that you can use for so many different parts of the body, and it’s super easy to use.

Kirk R.

Verified purchase

This is the best thing ever if you have muscle pain that can be helped by massaging it. I had a knot in my back/shoulder that was causing significant discomfort/pain for several weeks. The wife would help with a massage once in a while, but this thing allows you to be in control of your own positioning/pressure point. It's amazing once you figure out the best angle/method of using it.


Herbie B.

Verified purchase

Of all the motorized massage gadgets and nonmotorized massage balls and inventions, this has to be tied for the best next to those. This is the best when you need to get a knot out of your shoulder etc.


Oliwier M.

Verified purchase

Outstanding! This is free shiatsu, especially good for upper reaches on shoulders and neck. Between too much sitting behind a computer and guitar playing (sitting), this is going to provide a lot of relief. I keep picking it up for another round of pressure point therapy. It does give a little, but that's probably a good thing, not to the point where it feels like it will break--just enough so as not to be overdoing the therapy.

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