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Magnetic Anti-snore Clip - Sleep Peacefully & Soundlessly!

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“What a cool little gadget! Who knew something so small and basic could work so well? I haven't heard a single snore out of my wife since she's been wearing this clip. Amazing!”
~ Laurence T., Nueday customer

Safe, convenient, and reusable, applicable to any shape of nostrils, get a decent snore-free night sleep.

It fits gently into nostrils, holding them wider apart and making breathing easier and quieter.

It's a natural way to reduce snoring by up to 85%!

This little clip uses acupressure and magnetic therapy to reduce snoring. The device is comfortable, safe, and effective.

“My husband snores horribly! He actually has an appointment to see about getting a CPAP. In the meantime, this little clip has stopped his snoring, completely!”
~ Amanda P., Nueday customer

✓ Unique design for sleep snoring
✓ One size fits all
✓ Anti snore chin strap made of high quality durable elastic materials
✓ Comfortable and easy to wear
✓ Deal for non-specific snoring, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), jaw (TM joint) dislocation, and jaw tremor (psychotic)

How It Works:
1. The clip uses gentle pressure to open up the nasal passages, which allows more air to flow through the nose, so the pressure is taken off and the vibration which causes snoring cease.

✓ Material: Silicone
✓ Item Type: Sleep & Snoring
✓ Weight: 30g
✓ Work Mode: Auto
✓ Snoring: Snore Stopper

— 1 X Magnetic Anti-snore Clip


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25 reviews

Raul Patton

Verified purchase

The Magnetic Anti-snore Clip is easy to use and easy to clean. It seems to do the job that it is intended to do after 3 days of use.


Leigh W.

Verified purchase

These really do work for me and I have been using a similar product for about six months. I ordered these because they were better for the value and have used them for about a week now. They are just as good. Over the years, I've tried mouthguards, straps, and various other things, so I really was skeptical at first. But these do work very well for me and are much more comfortable than most other things I've tried. Super happy.


Alton B.

Verified purchase

I got these because my wife said my snoring was getting out of hand. I like the way they fit. You don’t really even know they are there and you can feel your nasal passage open up when they are in. Since I’ve been wearing them for about a couple of weeks, my wife says my snoring has decreased somewhat. I still do snore, but that could be for other reasons. Overall, I do like the comfort and how simple it is to use.

Elysia H.

Verified purchase

Very satisfied. Magnetic nose clips are easy to use and comfortable. Very pleased with this store and product.


Sam H.

Verified purchase

It's easy to forget you have this in unless you bump your nose in your sleep. I found it helps hold the airways open a bit more and reduces the frequency of snoring in general. It's not perfect, but it's certainly a very painless and convenient way to lessen the snoring.

Gary M.

Verified purchase

We got cone ones with the nose clips and the nose clips work better. They will not purchase the cone ones on their own. They last, for me, at least a month. This is the second time I have purchased them and will continue to do so. The price is reasonable also.

Nevaeh F.

Verified purchase

This helped me a lot with my snoring so I’m told by my husband. I have slept great since I started using these. Great product!

Benedict M.

Verified purchase

Been using it for about a month. The device does seem to have improved my snoring.

Katie T.

Verified purchase

I love this product. It replaced the nose guard that I was wearing before. The adhesive on the nose guard would nearly take your skin off when removing if you weren't careful. I'm so glad I found this product It works great for me.

Monty W.

Verified purchase

It works! I have suffered from snoring all my life! So loud that I wake up my kids! Got this to see if it would help, and it really does! My wife says she doesn’t hear me snore anymore! And my kids sleep thru the night since they don’t hear me snore anymore! Try this product out and see if it works for you.

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