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Lucid Dreams Mask

22 reviews



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“No light gets through this mask. It's awesome! The only lights that are seen are the blinking lights but they don't bother you like you'd expect them too. They lull you into the dream realm.”
~ Nolan E., Nueday customer

With the busyness of life, caffeine usage, and stress, dreaming doesn't always occur as easily as it should.

Having nightly dreams is beneficial to health because it means the snoozer is in REM sleep.

Our mask uses innovative light signals to help dreams occur more and help the dreamer recall those dreams after waking!

Lucid dreaming opens up the realm of vividness and wonderment. Experiencing lucid dreaming tends to promote a better mood, reduce stress, enhance critical thinking skills, and better creativity.

“The best slumber investment I've made. Blocks out even brilliant sunshine in a room.”
~ Terry F., Nueday customer

✓ Stylish fabric mask comes in 5 trendy colors
✓ Four-layer variable foam stack for extra comfort and breathable design
✓ Straps are soft and adjustable and meant to fit most head shapes and sizes
✓ Durable flex circuit bends but won't break
✓ A 2-ply foam shell protects the flexible circuit: a durable inner layer laminated with a cushioning soft foam outer layer
✓ Foam inserts are aerated to allow for better airflow, reducing heat and sweat.
✓ Runs for 6+ months on included CR2032 Battery
✓ The battery is inexpensive and easy to replace
✓ High-quality red LED lights to enhance dream occurrence
✓ Lightweight
✓ Promotes a great night's sleep
✓ Design personal dream signal via a free web app.

✓ State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
✓ Camera Equipped: No
✓ Perfectly Tunned Light Brightness

— 1 X Lucid Dreams Mask


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22 reviews

Rhia P.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my dog. The desert sun penetrates our windows so early and then my dog wakes up and makes stupid monkey noises until I take her for a walk Now she can sleep in like a normal human being. 10/10

Rachael M.

Verified purchase

My husband likes to read in bed and the light always drives me nuts! Just received my Lucid Dreams Mask today and I can't wait to try it!

Dottie Z.

Verified purchase

I never have had a sleep mask before, but this thing is great. It is comfy and secured sleep. Thanks!

Ana Garrett

Verified purchase

This sleep mask is so comfortable you don't even know that you have it on. I have to wear a sleep mask and I have tried many and they've been so clumsy and such tension on my head from the elastic strap. The sleep mask is so soft so comfortable I have to wear it because when I sleep at night my eyelids do not close. I purchased two more just to make sure that I always have one.

Chloe L.

Verified purchase

I got this for a friend. She said it's very soft and comfortable!

Lila H.

Verified purchase

Great quality. I'm very happy with this purchase nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice!

Lorna H.

Verified purchase

I live in a city which never sleeps, but I do. Even though my BR window is full of light, the sleep mask covered my eyes completely, was soft and comfortable - I could blink my eyes under it and stayed in place while I slept. With this eye mask, I have discovered what a good night's sleep can be. I have tried all sorts of eye masks and this is in my opinion is the best I have ever used.

Karson G.

Verified purchase

The plastic adjuster broke the first time we used it. My daughter loves this mask and won't sleep without it.

Zoya Patel

Verified purchase

I love this luxurious feeling sleep mask and have purchased 4 of them. It is extremely comfortable, blocks out all of the light, and washes well. I had been purchasing those contoured type masks, but this is just so much better. I won't be without one. Highly recommend!!

Marian B.

Verified purchase

This mask does the job of keeping my eyes from drying out at night from the a/c and the ceiling fan.

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