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Incredible Protective Gaming Glasses

28 reviews



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“I ordered these glasses for my ten year old grandson because he has been getting headaches from playing his Xbox. He States that the glasses work good and he has no more headaches.”
~ Lani D., Nueday customer

It is vital to protect your eyes both indoors and outdoors as well.

We all know we are supposed to wear sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection from the sun. However, this digital age comes with digital eye strain that can be just as harmful to your delicate vision.

They protect your eyes from the sun, and they protect your eyes from blue light-emitting devices such as touch screen phones, computers, and tablets for 24/7 eye protection.

“I think this product has saved my eyes and appreciate the quality of the product for the extensive use for which I use them. Its so wonderful I recommended it to my family who also use their computers and phones a lot. Thank You.”
~ Brendon E., Nueday customer

Anti-Blue Light: Glasses can cut 90% of the blue light. Reduce eyestrain and headache. Give you better sleeping.

Uva/UVB Lenses For Sun Protection: In addition to these stylish specs being blue blockers, they are also incredibly effective UVA/UVB blockers perfect for various outdoor activities, including driving, shooting, and sports. These sunglasses give maximum UV protection and are a crucial piece in the sun safety puzzle. This classic pair is made for ultra-eye protection.

Preserves Vision: With adequately relaxed eye muscles, you can prevent frustrating eye afflictions such as dry eye, blurry vision, sore eyes, and headaches. Reducing eyestrain stress and fatigue on your eyes caused by either harmful blue light inside or damaging UV rays outside, this well-made safety eye-wear will preserve your vision and keep it clear and sharp for years to come.

High-Quality Lenses And Frames: This pair of superb sunglasses and computer glasses are made from maximum durability materials. Made with custom impact-resistant material, these ultra-lightweight plastic frames are strong and are not just fashionable and stylish but flexible and functional as well. The classic composite frames contain high-quality anti-scratch anti-glare and anti-reflective lenses, further protected by the custom-made carrying case these versatile unisex glasses come with.

✓ Type: Full Frame
✓ Style: Vintage
✓ Material: ABS
✓ Gender: Unisex

— 1 X Incredible Protective Gaming Glasses


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28 reviews

Jodie Fleming

Verified purchase

Once I received these glasses I could almost instantly tell the difference between my gaming sessions while wearing and while not wearing them. My eyes were no longer feeling the strain of staring at a screen for hours at a time. They fit comfortably even with over-ear headphones after hours of use. The difference in color is quick to get used to as well and almost unnoticeable to me now. I would fully recommend these glasses to those who wish to lessen the strain of screens on their eyes.


Finnlay D.

Verified purchase

These are very good gaming glasses and comfortable too. I work on a computer about 12 hours a day between school and work. Add in cellphone usage and my eyes are shot every night. This allows me to excessively geek out and enjoy electronics the way and person stuck in the house due to the 2020 plague should.


May Cooke

Verified purchase

I have had these glasses now for over a week and I love them. It seems like my migraines have lessened since using them. I am hoping for continued improvement as time goes on.

Clarke C.

Verified purchase

I bought these to help me to get to sleep after staring at computer screens and TVs and to help relieve eye strain. I’ve seen a good improvement in falling asleep faster and less sleep disturbance. These are very comfortable and lightweight. I would definitely recommend people to wear these while looking at screens a few hours before bedtime.

Terrence Franks

Verified purchase

I can’t believe how well built, comfortable, and stylish these are for the price. And they definitely help with eye strain. I get dry eyes and eye strain if I spend over an hour gaming on my PC. Last night I played for five hours straight and had NO eye strain or irritation at all. And these are so comfortable that I totally forgot I was wearing them after a while. For the price these are absolutely amazing.

Harris Cameron

Verified purchase

Great blue light filtering glasses for gamers and for everyday use! I found that my eyes are not as fatigued after playing video games for extended periods of time and they have also helped reduce my headaches. I also wear these around the house to reduce blue light exposure while watching tv and checking my phone.


Arnold V.

Verified purchase

Glasses definitely work. I game 6-8 hours a day so that's alot of screen time.. Anyway, I noticed a huge improvement from the first usage. No headaches or strained eyes, and easier to fall asleep after a long game session at night. I bought a second pair for my Gf since her job consists of ALOT of computer time. If you're looking for a sign to buy them... THIS IS IT!

Alma S.

Verified purchase

The glasses are very light weight and work very well. I’m glad that I purchased them since I work from home and have to be in front of the computer majority of the time.


Brendon Evans

Verified purchase

I think this product has saved my eyes and appreciate the quality of the product for the extensive use for which I use them. Its so wonderful I recommended it to my family who also use their computers and phones a lot. Thank You.


Teodor Macgregor

Verified purchase

In a world where zoom meetings replace classrooms, I feel like I'm protecting my children's longterm eyesight with the purchase of these glasses. Value for the money, very respectable vendor, all in all a great purchase from a great seller.

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