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Helpful, Pain-free Electronic Acupuncture Pen

24 reviews



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“This pen is awesome. No needles, no pain, no hassle. It gives you natural, holistic pain-relief.”
~ Alec R., Nueday customer

Meridian Energy acupuncture pen is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, and modern organs and meridian is a combination of bio-engineering technology.

Meridian Energy acupuncture is a breakthrough in high-tech health and beauty electronics.

It can move the surface of human skin to electrical pulses, stimulate the skin flexibly, activate the skin tissue, prevent skin from sagging and aging, promote blood circulation, dredge the meridians of the body, and relieve muscle pain. It can achieve the firming effect to enhance the result of beauty.

“I love using this acupuncture pen after I work out at the gym. It targets my sore joints and muscles and relives the discomfort almost instantly.”
~ Sonya F., Nueday customer

3 in 1 Acupuncture Pen: Dome type head for facial muscle rejuvenation and health care mainly, Node Type Head-specializes in node therapy and works on partial body parts, and spheroidal type head appliable for quickly alleviating pain, work efficiently to relieve the tension.

9 Intensity Mode: You can adjust to the proper level of energy based on different treatment needs. When you feel a strong pulse by tipping the acupuncture pen around your body, that means you find the acupuncture points.

Heals Through Massage: Massage pen works based on the principles of magnets therapy and acupuncture points. Simple massage on your muscles will be beneficial for constant muscle and joint pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, muscle tension, acute and chronic physical pain, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, sciatica, spondylitis, migraine, sports injuries.

Safe And Effective: Safe and effective, with no side effects. It works on partial body parts and spheroidal type head appliable for quickly alleviating pain and efficiently relieving the tension.

How To Use:
1. Open the lid of the battery.
2. Loading AA battery.
3. Tighten the battery cover Press + "turn on" "1" is a low file "9" is a strong file Press "-" to 0 gear and 3 seconds to turn off automatically 1 gear is resist, the intensity of the pulse is weak at this time. 9 gear is strong, the intensity of the pulse is strong at this time.

✓ Type: Massage Pen
✓ Size: 20cm x 3cm/7.87" x 1.18" (Approx.)
✓ Material: ABS
✓ Application: Body

— 1 X Massage Pen (Battery Not Included)
— 1 X English User Manual


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24 reviews

Anne C.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my husband who has been complaining about his elbows hurting, I think it's called "tennis elbow." He really likes it, loves it. He felt the difference after using it for less than 5 minutes. It was able to relieve his pain. He has been using it every day for 5 days. He uses it for 3-5minutes on his elbows. He likes how strong it is, he said it helps his blood flow.

Princia F.

Verified purchase

This tool works for me. Now I wish I could use it every day. I have to commute very hard every day, so I feel better with it, especially my neck, back, and waist. Great!


Alisha R.

Verified purchase

Very easy to use, acupoint electric shock, promote metabolism, blood circulation. I like it very much. I have recommended it to the friends around to buy it!


Ciara M.

Verified purchase

I've always wanted this one, which can make me feel better and relieve my fatigue when I'm tired.

Allison B.

Verified purchase

Small and it is powerful and easy to use. It has been recommended to friends, and it is worth buying back next time.


Alexa C.

Verified purchase

It is an awesome product. This helps me relieve stress and tension on my hands. Very easy to use but read the manual carefully before using it. Battery operated. Totally worth your money.

Miranda S.

Verified purchase

I have severe cervical issues and decided to give this a try. Had to get used to it at first but I used it every night before bed and it has helped quite a bit. It helps loosen the tightness and improves circulation, which helps me sleep better. I'd def recommend it.

Cameron B.

Verified purchase

Gave this as a gift to someone who can use it. They enjoy it so much so far. Relieved them of a lot of discomforts.


Kelise H.

Verified purchase

Okay, I love this little thing. Works just like it says you're actually grounding with your other hand, so you feel a shock on both sides, double therapy. It's awesome! It helps with the pain in my thumb from carpal tunnel syndrome and playing on this phone, and it helps with your neck just about anywhere you want to shock it. It doesn't feel like acupuncture at all. And the settings work perfectly love it.


Zane Gill

Verified purchase

This little thing is super interesting. When I made the purchase I didn’t realize it sent electric shocks through your body. I’ve only used it a handful of times. Seems like a good tool to have in your box.

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