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Acupressure Massage Mat

45 reviews



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“Great way to end a stressful day by relaxing on the mat. Your body experiences so many different great sensations but they all subside to take you to a better place quickly. I am glad that this is a part of my relaxation techniques.”
~ Salman W., Nueday customer

The Acupressure Massage Mat is an amazing mat that promotes stress relief, relaxation, and muscle therapy.

Use it at the office, at home, in the car, the gym, anywhere. It's truly an innovative product.

May improve circulation, energy levels, stress, anxiety, discomfort, and insomnia.

Mat and pillow can be easily stored for transport in the included acupressure bag.

“I bring my Acupressure Massage Mat to work and sit on it while at my desk. It keeps my stress levels in check.”
~ Sharon W., Nueday customer

✓ Stimulates countless acupressure points
✓ 6210 non-toxic ABS pressure points
✓ Beautiful design
✓ Durable material

✓ Material: PVC
✓ Acupressure Mat : L 63 cm x W 40 cm x H 2 cm
✓ Neck Pillow: L 43 cm x D 16 cm x H 10 cm

— 1 X Acupressure Massage Mat


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45 reviews

Amba G.

Verified purchase

The first time I used it hurt like hell. It felt like the worst sunburn or a bunch of fire ants bitting me. I could only be on it for 1 min. Each time I used it I stayed on a little more. Now I'm up to 15mins. I like laying on it and it's very relaxing.

Zarah G.

Verified purchase

I had read the benefits of acupressure mats and had to try them for myself. I am glad I did! It hurts so bad when you first lay on it but after about five minutes it just feels nice and warm. My teenage kids like it too.

Annette R.

Verified purchase

If you have migraines this is worth the try. I have really bad migraines and this really helps after taking a hot shower and then laying on this to get my stagnate blood flowing again to help relieve my migraine pain.

Carole P.

Verified purchase

I really enjoy this Acupressure Massage Mat. I purchased it for insomnia as well as for my anxiety. And I would say that it has helped me quite a bit with my anxiety.

Kiah K.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my husband who suffers from chronic back pain. The mat does not relieve his back pain but it does help him to relax. He uses it every day and takes it with him when we travel.

Milana C.

Verified purchase

Amazing! Best purchase I ever made! I sometimes have lower back problems and the other day I used the mat and laid there for about 20 minutes. It felt great! My lower back was starting to feel better. I would definitely recommend it!

Rima R.

Verified purchase

I bought one for myself as I suffered a spinal injury years ago and can't afford constant chiropractor care. After 2 uses I can feel a noticeable difference in my body, as well as it's very relaxing. I let my husband try it, and now I am purchasing him one of his very own!

Zayne P.

Verified purchase

I am on my feet all day, plus have a minor back issue from a car accident. This mat is amazing to lay on, and provides some tension relief. Also wonderful for use before and after workouts in my experience! I love this product for sure!

Rebecca M.

Verified purchase

Omg! After the first use, my middle back pain was relieved! It took three uses to get used to the intense pricks. I love using it under my feet after a long day. I use this mat while I meditate and the after-effects are long-lasting. Best purchase I have made in a long time.

Jena L.

Verified purchase

Just another tool in my arsenal against back pain. The first time I sat up from using my mat, my entire spine adjusted. I recommend wearing a thin shirt if bare skin is too sensitive.

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